Dr. Barbara George

Dr. Barbara George is a veteran cybersecurity professional well-versed in addressing cyber challenges related to security, policy, technology, analysis, and training. A skilled facilitator, she has coordinated government, industry and academia partner discussions in the cybersecurity community and brought her expertise to bear on significant management and operational issues that impact national security.

Dr. George is a retired military officer trained in human factors with 20+ years of consulting experience. She spent 14 years working in communications and cybersecurity within the Department of Homeland Security and two years collaborating with the Department of Defense Deputy CIO for Cybersecurity on strategy and policy.

As Executive Director of Advisory Services for Fortalice Solutions, Dr. George serves as a key resource working closely and confidentially with the Management Executive Committee (MEC), the company management team, government officials, and officials of select commercial clients. She serves as a billable executive sponsor who cultivates key relationships with high-level government agencies and select VIP commercial officials. Her duties include developing strategic business plans to promote new government business paramount to catapulting solid delivery solutions; expanding government client services; and executing the Fortalice culture of exemplary degree of overall client satisfaction.

Serving as an Advisor to several boards, Dr. George is the Executive Director of the 501(c)(6) non-profit Washington Cyber Roundtable, an industry liaison group dedicated to enhancing the vitality and security of cyberspace.